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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"It is locally owned by people that give back to our community."

"I have always been treated well, and Elizabeth and Mark have been extremely helpful."

"They're so friendly, fast, and efficient every time I go!"

"Personal service with the Pharmacist."

"Friendly and helpful staff"

"Friendly staff"

"It's close to where we live."

"You are in our town."

"The care, and the time, the pharmacy takes with the customers."

"It's close to home."


"First time using your pharmacy, and so far, I like the app."

"The gift store is great!"

"Local personal service, and the pharmacists know, and care about, you."

"The customer service is outstanding!"

"Everything... It's clean, and every product is displayed beautifully, but mostly, it's the people - they go out of their way to get things done, which is very refreshing after moving here from another state where it was a fight to get anything accomplished!"

"It's local, therefore I can deal with people from my community."

"Local ownership"

"Location and staff"



"The friendly and personable staff is what sets Arlington Pharmacy above the rest."

"The easy to use app for refills!"

"Efficiency; awesome staff"

"Close and convenient"

"The staff is always helpful."

"The staff"

"Friendly customer service - I even got a message from my Dr."

"It is in town."


"Efficiency and friendliness; helpful pharmacists"

"The people"

"It's close to home, and it's a local business."

"Great people, and the gift shop is wonderful."

"I value the smart, helpful, and very friendly employees."

"Independent and locally owned"

"They know me."

"It's a local business."

"Always fast, efficient, and friendly service!"

"You are all so friendly!!! I love your pharmacy!"

"Local service"

"How fast they are, and their friendly service."

"The personal service, and professional manner, from everyone."


"It's close to home, so it's very convenient. My prescription costs less too, so that's a plus!"

"Personal service"



"The people, and the various services offered."

"The staff"

"I like how fast and friendly the pharmacy is. I like feeling that I'm being listened to, and taken care of. I like that I have not had any issues with anything. (I'm new to this pharmacy, but was with Rite Aid and they messed up my prescriptions all the time.) "

"It's a local business owned by a local family."

"It's my neighborhood pharmacy, and it's a local business."

"Local ownership"

"All of the people, from the pharmacy, to the front of the store."

"I like being able to keep my business local, and still get the service that I need."

"They have always been super friendly, and they remember who you are. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

"Fast and friendly service"

"The staff is always knowledgeable and informative. The pharmacists have caught physician errors that have saved me from discomfort, and even helped me to avoid dangerous interactions. Thanks guys!"

"The helpful staff."

"It is locally owned."

"It's close to home."

You can help Arlington Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!