COVID-19 Treatment Testing

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be able to get treatment immediately with access to all relevant resources for support.


Only 4 simple steps to get your test:

1.) Click on the Location button of where you want to schedule your appointment

-A parent or guardian will need to schedule an appointment for those under 18 years old

2.) Arrive at the pharmacy for your appointment ***PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE***

-Call pharmacy from the COVID testing location - located by back door to the pharmacy with a sign or orange cone

3.) Get swabbed by the pharmacist IN YOUR CAR

4.) Positive results are reported directly to you in 15-20 minutes by a direct message to your smartphone

5.) If you test positive, follow instructions below to obtain a prescription for oral treatment.

6.) The prescription will be brought out to your car roughly 15-20 minutes after we know the test results. (timing may vary due to pharmacy workload at the time of test) *Prescription insurance information will be collected to bill for the prescription dispensing fee.

If you test positive with or have tested positive using a home test follow these steps to acquire a prescription for oral COVID-19 treatment:

1.) You MUST be: 12 years or older, weigh at least 88 pounds, at high risk of severe illness

2.) Treatment MUST be started within 5 days of symptom onset

3.) We are partnering with Bird's Eye Medical Group for help our patient's get a prescription if needed to treat COVID-19

4.) Call (360) 688-7044 or go to to set up a virtual appointment.

5.) If you are eligible for a COVID-19 treatment prescription, have Bird's Eye Medical send your prescription to Arlington Pharmacy..

6.) We will process your prescription promptly (we may need to gather insurance information - yes the medication is free to you and we will not bill you, but there are overhead fees associated with dispensing any prescription medication, so to cover these overhead fees we bill your prescription insurance for these costs in the form of a dispensing fee).

7.) Please don't come into the pharmacy if you are COVID positive and needing to pick up your COVID treatment, CALL US FROM THE PARKING LOT AND WE WILL BRING IT OUT TO YOU.

Rapid Antigen Test:

Fast and easy nose swab with 15 minute results.

**We require all clients under 18 to come in with a parent or legal guardian. You can book an appointment for the child using the profile with your information, then select someone else specifically for this appointment when you fill out the form to choose who it's for.**